Hello, I am Helen!. And even though this my first post here

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Hello, I am Helen!.
And even though this my first post here, I for a long time on this forum www.danceanni90.com I'm not sure if this should go here or in the GENERAL DISCUSS section,
so if it's in the wrong place, my apologies (and can someone move it please! EXCUSE uneducated girl). I just loved this topic.
Honestly we should start some movement or society. Anyway I'm also one of those people who enjoy to discuss "Regole generali".
In my opinion it would be a lot better to get some fact into our STUFF. I'll glad read all new information about this topic
Thanks a lot..!!
Helen V. Beden.

Emperor Absolutus

Hello Helen! Actually you are the first international user who has subscribed into our forum!! Your presentation debut topic had to be moved to the "welcome" section of our forum, so we had to do it.
Welcome to this forum! We are all 90s Dance lovers, and by what I've realized you are a really great one too!! Unfortunately, this website is in italian, and so the forum :)
But I hope you will enjoy our company anyway... the passion is the same!!


Welcome in this forum Helen

Where are you from? How old are you?? ;)
Come Back!


Hi Helen,
welcome on danceanni90.com!
I'm so happy for having in the crew some international users.
In future when the community become more larger, we could open an english section for not-Italian people, but now there are not many stranger people for now.
continue to follow us!!


direi che il theard si può chiudere, dato che l'utente si è poi rivelato uno spambot  >:(