Datura & USURA - Infinity

Aperto da FabyM4DJ, Agosto 05, 2007, 13:52:07 PM

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Usura, datura, insieme, amigos

welcome aboard
relax your mind
and stimulate your third eye
all shamen are at your disposal
you are protected
you a-re pro-tec-ted
we are starting the journey
towards the unknown
destination infinity

sha la la la
sha - la la la la la
sha la la la
sha la la la la la la
sha la la la
sha - la la la la la
sha la la la
sha la la la la la la

one two three four
shamen knockin' at the door
five six seven eight
close your eyes for innerspace
nine ten eleven
destination heaven
numberless reality
vision of infinity

crono 80

when LHCb sees
where the antimatter's gone
ALICE looks at collisions
of lead ions.
CMS and ATLAS are two of a kind
they're lookin' for whatever
new particles they can find.
the LHC acceleerates the protons and the lead,
and the things that it discovers
will rock you in the head!


:progo: :progo:


Ragazzi... Sta canzone é da PAURA!!!
La danza é un gran viaggio assai bello perché... sovrasta ogni guerra e male che c´é...


Nooooo... mitico, finalmente so cosa dice 'sta canzone.......... a parte i numeri, nn capivo il resto  :asd: :asd: . Questa ce l'ho ancora su cassetta, insieme a Baby Baby e Dancing with an angel........... Che bello!!!!!  :bravo: