Jola - Moon and sun

Aperto da percy, Dicembre 24, 2009, 14:01:06 PM

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Day after day
From time out of mind
Sun wish to you good morning
And moon wish you good night
Wait the right time
And lift up one's eyes
Then endeed you'll can see
Together moon and sun

Majestic love
Wonderful feeling
Steeped in light
There is the biggest desire
They'll never stop
To love each other
From dawn to dusk
They look at world like a baby

Everywhere you go
Moon and sun in the sky
Moon and sun in my life
Always together

The starry sky
Colours the night
And the moon is waiting for
The morning to meet the sun
Surround the world
There is a dream
Like to see a movie of the life
In paradise
"Seconds turn to minutes
and the minutes turn to hours
and the hours turn to days and the world goes round
and round and round and round and...."